The Young Daughter and The Boomer Tenor

In the past two days I’ve been reminded of why it’s good to have multiple generations in music ministry. I’m convinced more and more that any church that values ALL her members and finds why to incorporate each person of varying abilities will be a healthy church.

First, last night in our choir rehearsal one of our choir members brought her younger daughter (school aged) to choir with her because she wanted to share in music ministry with her daughter. We’ve long valued our young people in our orchestra who have musical gifts and it’s a joy to welcome young singers who want to learn alongside other generations in musical expressions of worship. I’m sure it was somewhat overwhelming to the young daughter sitting through her first rehearsal with us, but to watch her mother beaming with joy as she, and the other ladies around her, made her feel welcomed made my heart soar. I’m sure neither the daughter nor the ladies around her realize the impact the multi-generational community of faith will have.

Second, today I met with a newer tenor in the choir who is a Boomer and recently retired. He wanted to meet with me to share his heart for music ministry and to let me hear him sing some so I could get idea of the types of things he’s capable of doing if, and when, I get the opportunity to use him. I was very encouraged by our time together. He and his wife just moved from California just before the pandemic started and found their way here to our church. To hear him affirm my commitment to the truth of the lyrical content of the songs we sing over the style I choose was such an encouragement to me. He and his wife longed to find a place where they could use their musical gifts in worship and they found their home here. I’m grateful.

So today, I’m praising God for two people: the young daughter and the Boomer tenor. These two are separated by 3 generations, but have found a place of service in our music ministry in the same room, in the same ensemble. Each brings their own uniqueness and giftedness that can be used in congruency for the building of the Kingdom.

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