Modeling Biblical Foundations of Worship can Lead to Spiritual Formation

“Each church should find their own way in worship expressions. It is vital, however, to be intentional in our teaching of worship. I would encourage ALL pastors to teach and model biblical foundations of worship.” Dr. Jon Duncan, Specialist in Worship and Music Ministries, Georgia Baptist Mission Board

Somtimes I will read an article and think, “that’s spot on!” Well, this article does just that. Many times church leaders are pulled to emulate the world when really we should continue to study the biblical foundations of worship and let them be our guide. While I do not personally subscribe to a regulative view of worship practices, I do find it necessary to look to examine the “heart” of the biblical principles that drive how I plan and lead worship for my local church. Because, as Dr. Duncan mentions, the goal of worship is spiritual formation. How can we do that if we are not biblically faithful?

I appreciate Dr. Duncan’s comments about change and how the biblical themes, such as “redemption,” should never change. The word change is often considered a “swear” word in church world. People just get antsy when the word is even mentioned. Some ask why change something that’s “working?” Others strive for change to keep things fresh and “exciting.” I echo his comments that the theme of redemption in worship (in music and preaching) through biblically faithful lyrics, biblically-strong sermons, and the like are what build spiritual formation. Then, as we grow as disciples, becoming more sanctified, we will naturally engage our neighbors with the gospel truth and others will come to know the redemption themselves. Soli Deo Gloria!

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