Surge 150 Georgia Baptist Music Camp Week—they are the future of church music.

will teachingThis week I am teaching on the faculty of the Georgia Baptist Music Camp (Surge 150) in Toccoa. I am joined by hundred of students (3rd grade and up) and tons of faculty and volunteers. It is always a great week of learning, building relationships, and refreshment. Our church has five students here in both children’s camp and Youth 1. I am teaching music theory, piano, and conducting for Youth 1 this year. It’s such a joy to be here and every year is different. This blog will be short because I’m rushing off to another session.

One thing that strikes me is the diversity of kids here each year. Students of all races, backgrounds, and church experiences gather to learn more about improving their musical craft and spiritual relationship with Jesus. Each student is being equipped to play and sing in the local church setting; many are already serving. As I think about the importance of training, I think about how important it is to use our children and youth in worship leadership in our churches NOW. This is no ordinary “choir” camp, although there is LOTS of choral singing. These kids can take guitar, orchestra, handbells, drama, sign language and a whole host of other specializations that can be used immediately in the local church. Those of us in worship leadership in the local church are truly missing out if we don’t find immediate ways to make sure these students are plugged into the local church. Invest!  You won’t be sorry.

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