Technological Tutorials in the Intergenerational Church

Lest you think that only adults can train children and students– think again. Training and influence happen between adults and children in the intergenerational church all the time.

One of the main areas where children and students seem to be more proficient is technology. While there are doubtless many more areas of life children and students are capable of helping adults, there is no greater gap than in technology. I constantly hear from older adults in my church that tell me that their grandchild has helped them set up their phone or computer.

It got me to thinking: I wonder if there are others in our church that might need the help from someone younger and more technologically savvy. I bet there are.

While many adults are frustrated with technology that doesn’t seem to make sense to them, many young people don’t remember a world without technology at their fingertips and can help easily in the intergenerational church.

Action: Regularly offer opportunities or time frames for adults in your church who need technological help to get the help they need. 

It’s interesting to watch young people work with older adults when they know more than they do. Many young people don’t understand an older adult’s frustration and need to be coached on how to be patient and thorough when working with older adults on training them how to use their technology. Most of the time the result is a very grateful older person who is thrilled to be able to use their phone or computer and a young person who feels validated from helping someone.

This is a sure win-win!

How can you help bridge the technology gap in your church?

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