The 10 C’s of Musical Worship Part 1

For the next few weeks, I wanted to share with you a document that my friend Clay Layfield, who is Minister of Worship at FBC Eastman composed some years back. I think Clay’s words are important for each of us to remember who regularly plan and lead corporate worship services…especially services that are designed to be intergenerational in nature. His document include 10 C’s for Music in Worship, but because the document is probably too long for one post, I’m splitting it up into two blog posts. Today we will cover the first five:

  1. Cross-Centeredness
  1. Content-Driven Music


  1. Complementary music and lyrics


  1. Congregational Focus
  1. We shouldn’t use this song
  2. We could use it personally
  3. We could use it in corporate worship
  4. We should use this song


  1. Clarity
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